welcome to M7 Enterprise

Let us introduce ourselves! We are a business group, residing in the Maldives, as the M7 Enterprise Pvt. Ltd., with affiliates, as depicted below:

Organization ChartOur business was established under the name of SM Stationery in early 1996 and was renamed M7 Books in November 2003. The main line of business is paper-related products and services. Specialities include photocopying, retailing, wholesaling of nursery and primary level educational books and stationery for schools and offices. We have now expanded our services to duplicating and digital printing. The new venture M7 Print became active from December 2007 with offset printing and production of eco-friendly paper shopping bags.

M7 Enterprise Pvt Ltd, is managed through two divisions; each with their own and accountable management board focused on corporate vision to achieve their goals. These divisions are M7 Books and M7 Print. Team M7 is committed to provide quality, reliable products and services at affordable prices.

Our Vision

Our Vision: Inspire in serving beyond boundaries.


To create a smart platform to our clients and serve cordially.

Our Values
  • Motivate to maintain reliability;
  • Simple and superior workplace practices;
  • Enthusiastic in serving to retain our clients;
  • Virtuous care and live by honesty;
  • Establish good corporate governance and;
  • Never sleep on commitment and put forward a dynamic productivity.

We promise to deliver uncompromising smart conclusions for our customers by simplifying their desired solutions under the corporate slogan of “Simplifying solutions”. The Company will keep abreast of business trends by integrating related products and services. M7 has already gained recognition in the duplicating market as a reliable brand name in Male’.